The World's Largest Ghost Hunt will celebrate its fourth anniversary on
Saturday, September 28, 2019.

Celebrate the official National Ghost Hunting Day (NGHD) by being part of this Epic Event… the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunting Event”. This celebration will introduce the world to the paranormal investigation experience. Paranormal enthusiasts, of all levels (especially the novice!), will be invited to experience what a true and authentic ghost hunt is. Since it is taking place simultaneously around the world, this event has the potential of drawing thousands to the world of spirit-seeking. 

By participating live at the actual local event or via web live-streaming, thousands will witness our purpose.  The core of our purpose centers around community service and commitment to the integrity of pseudo-science study of the paranormal, supernatural and spirituality.

In addition, a tale is told of the historic preservation efforts that ghost hunting has always been a part of! For certain, by bringing attention to a collection of these properties, expanded platforms for additional public awareness, funding, and support will arise! 

Most endearing of all, a common good-will and community impact will be made with proceeds of the event going to historical preservation efforts.  

How the event will be organized

Starting in the spring, each year, from across the continents, Paranormal Teams and haunted properties are joining up to plan, prepare and execute the largest simultaneous ghost hunt ever attempted. Impressively, each year it grows in numbers, yet it is able to preserve its dedication to its original purpose and intent.  The selected haunted locations will be found over the world by using our tools,  our Interactive Map and the Participating Locations database list.

On September 28th,  all the selected and registered ghost hunting teams will simultaneously start their investigations or their associated haunted locations. Paranormal Live Streaming and Social Media collaboration will be the premise and platform for its exhibition!  


Please note... 

The World's Largest Ghost Hunting Event and any other National Ghost Hunting Day's Events dates, speakers, agenda or other components related to the event(s), may be subject to change or cancellation as a response to issues that damage or compromise the event(s) success, presentation, organization or solvency.