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In July 2016, ​Haunted Journeys founded National Ghost Hunting Day, registering it with the official National Day Calendar™ .  Held on the last Saturday of each September, it serves to enthusiastically commence the start of each new Halloween season.   It's noble intention is to globally observe the most haunted properties in the world, while recognizing the novice, curious, experts and professionals that investigate paranormal activity in these iconic locations!  

The main format of celebrating National Ghost Hunting Day is  their annual World's Largest Ghost Hunt event, which serves as the engine to encourage Historic Preservation, Paranormal Unity, Paranormal Research and Public Education about these Historic Sites and the skills and techniques used in Paranormal Investigation.  

Haunted Journeys' inspiration for this annual epic event is spoken simply in their motto:

"A Haunting is History Wishing to be Heard."