For centuries, seeking out mysteries, exploring the unknown, and satisfying mystical curiosities have been part of our human code. This sentiment has led to a growing American phenomenon … Ghost Hunting.  Also known as paranormal investigating, ghost hunting embraces history while breaking open the supernatural and seeking to solve the mystery of the unknown.

Established in July 2016, National Ghost Hunting Day™ recognizes and celebrates the novice, curious, expert and professional act of ghost hunting. As an official National Day Calendar ™, it is held on the last Saturday of each September. This date was chosen by design, commencing the start of each new Halloween season.   Its noble intention is to globally observe the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the novice, curious, experts and professionals that investigate paranormal activity in these iconic locations! 

Since its inception, National Ghost Hunting Day has been celebrated with its signature epic event, the "World's Largest Ghost Hunt"! No better platform can serve and deliver its intent and purpose.. historic preservation, the unity of its supernatural contributors, paranormal research and public education about these historic sites and the dedicated craft of ghost hunting. 

Each year we celebrate, learn, influence and listen to history being retold.

For you see,

“A Haunting is History Wishing to be Heard”
---   Haunted Journeys

This year this celebration will be held on 
Saturday, September 28,2019. 

And again, it will be acknowledged with the "World's Largest Ghost Hunt".