The Code of Conduct

All participants agree to withhold the integrity of ghost hunting and agree to this CODE OF CONDUCT with participation as a  Satellite Investigation Team in the  National Ghost Hunter’s Day Event.  All understand that failure to do, so may lead to immediate extradition from the event and any representation or association to it.

Team Members, venue representatives, volunteers, and their attendees will …

Acceptance & Participation

All participants, staff, and volunteers of the WLGH event will 

  1. Provide and embrace the value of all the resources that are utilized within the event, including working with the infrastructure of delivery, live streaming navigations, promotions of the event, etc.  
  2. Must support those organizations and persons that are working to support the best interests and delivery of our event. Our mission is to support and help each other, including participants, volunteers, providers of service, and sponsors. 
  3. Must show a banner of professional unity and collaboration to assist each other, and support each other while understanding and respecting individuality for the good of the event and the paranormal/historical preservation fields. 
  4. Communicate and respect each other in a professional and neutral platform. 
  5. Registration does not validate acceptance into our event.  Registrants will receive either an approval or denial for participation. Denials do not require a specific reason, except a breach of this Governance identified in our Rules and Codes of Conduct. It will be the responsibility of the registrants to review these conditions.

Ghost Hunting:

All participants, staff, and volunteers of the WLGH event will

  1. Conduct their investigations in a professional, appropriate and responsible manner.  All investigations will be conducted with the highest level of integrity and honesty.
  2. Will always respect the law and any legal Authority.
  3. Will honor all obligations and commitments to the team and the property investigated.
  4. Ask the spirits of the dead for permission to communicate with them. Thank them for the opportunity.  Spirits will not be interrogated or treated without respect, no matter what the conditions.
  5. Respect posted property, ask permission, and do not trespass areas that are not designated within the ghost hunt.
  6. No use Ouija boards or conduct séances during or after an investigation during the ghost hunt.
  7. No smoke tobacco or other inhalant products during the investigation. 
  8. No drink alcohol (or other illegal mind-altering drugs) before, during, or after the investigation if remaining on site. 
  9. Not engage in running or horseplay in the property during, before, or after the investigation. 
  10. Show reverence and respect in cemeteries, battlefields, and other historical sites. 
  11. Respectful use of provided ghost hunting equipment and return to its owner after usage.
  12. Never knowingly be involved with a misleading or dishonest activity, re-create untruthful evidence, including falsified images, recordings, or data.
  13. Keep aware that a Positive Mental Attitude is very important for all investigations. 
  14. Remember that skeptical minds may generate negative energy during an investigation. 
  15. Voluntarily take full responsibility for his/her own safety and welfare.  The event accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to anyone’s property or for any injury however caused.

 Event Rules:

  1. The event will only occur during the designated published hours, during the designated time as specified in the World's Largest Ghost Hunt event description. 
  2. You may not use "World's Largest Ghost Hunt", a trademarked entity, unless you are registered and accepted as a participant, volunteer, sponsor, or other organization.  Those not fitting in this scope will seek permission from the leadership committee and its directors. 
  3. You may schedule an add-on event or other activity. It needs to be handled and managed separately. Do understand this will not be an official part of the main NGHD event and will not be promoted. 
  4. A total attendee count will be submitted to NGHD, which it will be posted on our website. Discrepancies are to be reported immediately for correction action.  
  5. It is the responsibility to submit all donations to the Historical Property identified upon registration and a receipt shall be returned for verification as required. 

Misconduct or non-compliance to these rules may and/or will exercise the right of NGHD and its members to terminate said participant from the event and any other future events of the National Ghost Hunting Day. Listings of your site and/or team will also be removed from our website and directory.

The Largest Ghost Hunting Event and any other National Ghost Hunting Day's Events dates, speakers, agenda, or other components related to the event(s), may be subject to change or cancellation as a response to issues that damage or compromise the event(s) success, presentation, organization or solvency.  National  Ghost Hunting Day, Haunted Journeys, or any of its sponsors/participants will not be liable for any loss(es) on the part of registered teams as a result of these changes or cancellations. 


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