National Ghost Hunting Day, held on September 30, 2017, will unite the enthusiast, the curious, the investigators, the scientists and the metaphysical of the Paranormal together around the world ... all within a single time zone.

The Epicenter, held in the most haunted city in America, New Orleans LA, will host this year's Command Center for the World's Largest Ghost Hunt. The event's theme chooses to embrace the collaboration between those that wish to witness and participate in an extraordinary day, where hundreds across the earth communicate with the dead through a collective and orchestrated consciousness.


Le Epicentre Paranormal

The History

817 Saint Louis Street was built in 1779 and changed hands several times before being purchased by Barthelemy Bautista Bacas in 1822, and remaining in his family for just over 50 years. Mr. Bacas was a Cabinetmaker by trade and made some of the original woodwork for the house.  He and Adelaide Beaulieu (once a slave woman and later a free woman of color) raised their 10 children here-although, some perished very young. Often guests to 817 feel a presence of both a male figure and a female figure, perhaps this is still home to Barthelemy and his love Adelaide, even after death...

The Venue...

One of the oldest and most haunted properties

​in the French Quarter

New Orleans Louisiana

Bar Mon Cher

​Located in the famous French Quarters of New Orleans, Bar Mon Cher was once a home owned by the Bacas Family for over 50 years, built in the late 1700's in the Creole Townhouse style and transformed into what it is today ... a Jazz and Blues Bar, owned by Johnny and Jeanette Jinx.  

Witness the Journey through "The Bridge"

Brian Cano designed and will be the lead scientist in coaching these world-wide teams into a single path, across a bridge to dimensions that are unknown to most of us.  Scotty Rorek, a respected Psychic Medium, will partner with Brian, to assure the metaphysical process is guided, protected and navigated safely.  

Later, you will be able to view Live Streams coming in from almost 100 teams around the world. Countries include Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Surrounding this extraordinary event, you will have many activities that you will be sharing with all that attend and it's organizers.  Due to it's historic nature, you will never forget this event.  You will have witnessed experimentation that has never been done before. You will also see the skill and dedication that all these teams have secured for the intent of historical preservation. 



​On September 29 - October 1, 2017
Join Haunted Journeys

as we present...

Le Épicentre Paranormal

A Celebratory Gathering for the
World's Largest Ghost Hunt's Command Center

In the most Haunted City in America!

​New Orleans Louisiana


General Admission:      $29/each

VIP Admission:             $79/each