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Here are the instructions for collecting and submitting your evidence for the World's Largest Ghost Hunt.  These are simple tools that go alongside the experiments that we are doing. Staying within these parameters will assist us in having consistency , offering data that can be compared with other participating team's.

STEP ONE:   Getting ready for the  Investigation

                       Click on links, Download and Print  these TWO Pages  

  • PAGE #1:       "Baseline & Discreet Information Report"

                                    Print a couple of these.  (You will  only need to have one of these, but you may want to have a couple of spares for replacement)  

​​                                    This is the form that will be used to MANUALLY enter the baseline and summarized findings.  

                                     Later on you will  be transferring this data from paper to an electronic  (digital) format online. 

  • PAGE #2:       "Chronological Diary Log of Actual Hunt"

​                                    Print  a few of these.  

                                    This is the form that will be  using  to manually log the ongoing events which occur during the investigation.  

                                    This is your tool you will use to collect and recall events to put into Form #1

STEP TWO:   At the Investigation      

  • Select a team member to be your "Event Recorder"
  • ​Before that actual start of the Hunt, complete Section 1 and 2 of Page #1
  • Stop where it advises you to "Go to Page Two"
  • ​Start and continue using this form (as a log), until the hunt is over. 

STEP TWO:    Evidence Review

  • Review your evidence.
  • Complete Page One
  • Enter any evidence that fits what it is requesting
  • After you are finished reviewing and sharing this report with your team, you will transfer this information (on paper) to a digital format.
  • Take the written report and enter into the digital report
  • Upload any files (audio, photo, video) to support your findings.
  • Submit. 

DUE DATE:   October 10, 2017  11:59PM

If you need an extension, please CONTACT USand request. 

You may also CONTACT US  if you have any questions or comments.  

For information on the reveal of findings,  PLEASE CLICK HERE.