On September 28, 2019, a large ensemble of ghost hunting teams will simultaneously take part in a night of paranormal investigations in the most public haunted public places throughout the nation! Called “Ghost Hunting Satellites”, these public locations and their host teams will be part of a new chapter within the paranormal field dedicated to public awareness and community unity! In this spirit, we salute and invite you to be a part of this epic event.

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These additional highlights may be very important to you! 

Paranormal Research.
Be part of the largest paranormal research effort ever held! For the first time ever, volumes of evidence will be submitted and cataloged into a national databank where it will take part in a scientific paranormal experiment through the efforts of Paranormal Database (link). The goal of this research is to evaluate the impact on paranormal evidence collected while a mega volume of ghost hunting investigations are simultaneously held from coast-to-coast. 

Community Goodwill. 

Want more of a reason to be part of this experience? Your participation will help raise money to support the historic properties that are being investigated. Each team will have the options of opening up ticket sales for the general audience to participate and watch a professional ghost hunt in action. The proceeds will then remain with the property they are investigating. There is no fee returned to us for its management and promotion. We are all volunteering for this tremendous good cause. 

Our event will then be a direct contributor for
Historic Preservation
with each community it is represented in.  Worldwide!

For you see, you are going to be part of a unified cause, where every venue and each team is generously donating their time, resources and space for the purpose of demonstrating how dedicated and generous the paranormal community truly is!

The world will witness the commitment of your fellow team members to para-scientific research, the integrity of exploring the haunted mystery and the continuous effort to help thousands of families and organizations understand the impact of paranormal activity.

What it will take to be a part of this.  

  "All great things, requires  commitment, for only then is the  value set."  

  • Patronage: To take part in this event, we will ask venues to voluntarily sponsor and host a ghost hunting team to lead a paranormal investigation at no charge to them. The ghost hunting team is also asked to not charge any fees, just collect the required donations. If the team is not able to donate their services, you are obliged to select another ghost hunting team, so as to maintain the integrity of the event’s purpose.

  • Registration: In order to participate in this event, an application must be submitted and accepted by the NGHD committee.  This is only open to public properties, and not privately owned residences. The NGHD committee and its board maintain the right to deny participation for any ghost hunting team not meeting the standards of professionalism (based on the codes of conduct) and integrity as valued by NGHD members.



  • Fee:  

    Although we are a non-profit social integration organization, governed under the by-laws of the newly founded, Historic Haunted Preservatory™ organization, we must be responsible to the costs of executing this project. For this reason, we have established a small fee of $50.00 per USA Based team/locations (combined) that will be used in its entirety to produce and deliver this fund raising project. International Teams are waived the fee. We are certain that those that have had a history of working with us, will see that this is a nominal fee for the benefits that are returned to the haunted locations/teams.

  • An Agreement:   We will ask to you to oblige the Rules and Code of Conduct established by the National Ghost Hunting Day board. These are in place so as to maintain the integrity and consistency of the event. Please Review

By your team participating in this event, you and the associated haunted location will receive notable public recognition and publicity. Your team will be promoted (with links back to your website) throughout various well-ranked websites. Most importantly, you will be part of the honor that the paranormal community will receive for its public contribution from the good work you are dedicated to.

Now, it is time to join up and be part of this epic event on September 28, 2019 and become part of history with the next celebration of National Ghost Hunting Day! 

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Role of “National Ghost Hunting Day” (NGHD) Organization.

NGHD and all its board members, associates, sponsors, and volunteers will assist with the organization, planning, promotion and marketing of the “World’s Largest Ghost Hunting” event. The organization will also offer updates via email and social media communication. A “Command Center” will be the centerpiece of the event’s launch and provide intermittent live-streaming display of actual investigations in the satellite events.  NGHD and its board members will be the public spokesperson(s) for the event within media communications and other platforms for the purpose of the event’s promotion. National Ghost Hunting Day (and all its volunteers and sponsors) will not be liable for any occurrences and/or injuries that occur during the satellite’s investigations.