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When October 1 is not available to you, there is always the...

After Shock.

Many folks are planning to be at ScareFest. Others, have already pinned down another obligation on this date. No matter what the conflict, we want to extend an opportunity that will accomplish (almost) the same goals. 

If you are in this difficult situation, and you wish you could have been part of this event, The After Shock will provide all the perks and opportunities to be part of the adrenaline of our Mega Ghost Hunting Event. 

Although you will not be part of the dramatic SHOTGUN START at ScareFest, your event will be included in our list, database, map and publicity.  In fact, this website will continue to be active through the entire month of our celebration!  We will continue sharing and displaying all the energies that our Ghost Hunting Teams and Haunted Venues are exerting through Halloween! 

Requirement for participating on the AFTER SHOCK:


       1 . Hold your event between October 2 and the 31st 2016.

       2.  Register on our Registration Form
            On the Registration Form indicate the date, time and location you are having
            the event. 

       3.  Submit the $20 Registration Fee

       4.  Conduct the investigation under the Rules established and Code of Conduct.

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After an Epic Day, there is always an ...